CR05+ Classic Premium

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Wheel speed: medium (M)
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  • Holm: Carbon Flex
  • Wheelbase: 720 mm
  • Wheel diameter: 70 mm
  • Wheel width: 45 mm
  • Roller ski weight: 1050g
  • Max. athlete weight: 90kg

The CR05+ Classic is the new star among roller skis. The new development combines modern technology and years of experience to create an unprecedented driving experience. The special Flex bar with a natural wood core and several fiber and carbon fiber layers ensures high levels of cushioning and comfort, while also being torsionally rigid for fast cornering. The solid forged aluminum swing arms also contribute to this and set it apart from other models. A push-off behavior similar to a cross-country ski is a given. The CR05+ uses the newly tuned SRB wheel with a wheel diameter of 70 mm and a width of 45 mm. With the Comfort rubber compound in particular, it is the ideal roller for daily use on all routes, cycle paths and even rough asphalt roads. The SRB Classic wheels are available for the CR05+ in medium and comfort speeds. The wheels are marked with “M” and “C” in the same way.

Premium Classic Wheels

A specially selected vulcanization process permanently bonds the rim to the tire rubber. The tires' own rubber mixtures were designed specifically for this application and are constantly being further developed through constant collaboration with competitive athletes from a wide range of Nordic disciplines. The ingredients used in the mixtures ensure a very high mileage, are very abrasion-resistant, dampen vibrations and offer a high, non-slip safety standard on both dry and wet road surfaces, meaning optimal grip at all times. This means we can guarantee very safe, comfortable and cushioned running on very fine and rough surfaces.

The medium rubber is becoming the benchmark and is used in countless training kilometers, comparison tests and competitions. This wheel has the best grip and the most ski-like speed.

The Comfort rubber is more comfortable, but faster. That's a contradiction. SRB has done it. The bike is a special development for Scandinavia, all comfort-oriented runners and bad roads. The rolling resistance is noticeably reduced, the speed is increased and the damping is enormously increased. The grip on wet, cold surfaces is slightly reduced. Nevertheless, it is a very safe bike and perfect for long training sessions or mountain runs on mountain passes.

SRB Flex Holm

The Flex bar consists of a natural wood core with a carbon and glass fiber reinforced casing, which resembles a ski structure. The very good vibration-damping properties ensure very comfortable running and a ski-like driving feel, even on rough road surfaces. Therefore ideal for comfort-oriented athletes. The durable all-round PVC protective cap on the underside and front surfaces protects the roller ski from damage and water ingress. Three pressed-in aluminum inserts in the bar hold the swing arms and ensure precise axle suspension, even force transmission and a long service life. All SRB bars are pre-drilled/prepared for the installation of the most common bindings.

Classic axle systems

SRB only uses the highest quality ball bearings on the market from the German brand ©FAG. These are lubricated for life and maintenance-free. The consistent and reliable quality is also provided by the ©INA backstop. The whole thing is rounded off with the company's own axle system with a polygon connection between the anti-twisting axle and the forged swing arms and lens head screws on the axles, which avoids the risk of the roller skis colliding and thus falling.

Made in Germany

Starting with the machining of the components, through coating and printing, the complete assembly, packaging and shipping take place in-house or at nearby suppliers. The high demands on quality, ecological and social responsibility do not deter us from this philosophy.

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Frequently asked questions about roller skis

Our rims are made of aluminum. The vulcanized rubber was developed in various mixtures by the car tire brand Conti® for our needs.

M is the average wheel speed, which resulted from the average speed in winter. MS is the further development of M and is almost as fast, but has better insertion behavior and is therefore more comfortable to run on. F is fast, has lower rolling resistance, but does not reach the speeds of PU wheels in inline skating. (M~Marwe 6, F~Marwe 0)

Basically, our roller skis can all be loaded more heavily than stated. In a TÜV test, the roller skis were dynamically loaded with 160kg for 24 hours and were not damaged.

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