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About SRB Roller Skis

The brand name SRB Skiroller from the family business Arno Barthelmes has guaranteed you solid workmanship, the use of selected special materials and the use of the latest technologies in the design and manufacture of high-performance sports equipment since 1884.

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Frequently asked questions about SRB roller skis?

Our rims are made of aluminum. The vulcanized rubber was developed in various mixtures by the car tire brand Conti® for our needs.

M is the average wheel speed, which resulted from the average speed in winter. MS is the further development of M and almost as fast, but has better insertion behavior and is therefore more comfortable to run on. F is fast, has lower rolling resistance, but does not reach the speeds of PU wheels in inline skating. (M~Marwe 6, F~Marwe 0)

Basically, our roller skis can all be loaded more heavily than stated. In a TÜV test, the roller skis were dynamically loaded with 160kg for 24 hours and were not damaged.

Frequently asked questions about the SRB Cross Skates?

The load on the rear wheel is higher due to the weight distribution and the leg print. Added to this is the use of the calf brake, which causes greater wear.

No, that's not possible because the bar on the XRS06/07 is wider so that the wheel fits between the swing arms?

no, currently only as a complete bike.

Contact us by email or phone, our competent team will answer all your questions regarding roller skis and cross skates.


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(Mon - Fri : 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.)